Saturday, October 17, 2009

Trying to cram it in

Looking back at yesterday's first image, it reminds me of Jake and Dinos Chapman's earlier work and that shocked me somewhat.   Had I used a mouth camera like Lindsey Seers has done makes me wonder what the image would have looked like.

I went to the Sensation show in, was it 97?  Damien Hirst had his tanked flies there.  Speaking of which, when travelling through London on Wednesday I was handed a free evening standard and inside it had pictures of Damien Hirst, his wife and others at an opening night of his new paintings - I was rather intrigued and then alarmed.   Sadly the article was left on the train (even though it had been ripped out) and I brought home the article on Ed Ruscha at the Hayward instead, so it will have to be repeated from memory which is always rather dodgy, especially one from the end of a long day.  The article said something along the lines of 'alcohol was not allowed near the Hirsts and they were surrounded by plexiglass'.  The paintings or the Hirsts?   Well, I gather that they have indeed given up alcohol.   Everyone's giving up drinking - I may have to follow soon.   Cigarettes too.

On a positive note, if I did give up I could afford to fill my flat with dust collectors.

Going back to my Chapman lookalike snap.  The kaleidoscope has a curious label stuck on its side, and in an attempt to create work 'in the style of' I had to give it a go but no, being the size of a biscuit barrel, it definitely didn't fit.

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