Saturday, June 19, 2010

At the Barbican - another diaristic post

Feel impelled to write something about this event. Wellers Auction House collaborated with The Barbican (and eventually me and Greg) to put on an auction of Lost Luggage as part of The Surreal House. We went along with some trepidation - located in a room some way from the main event - what would it be like, how many would attend? Well. It was awesome. Wellers professionalism shone - they dressed a non-descript room and made it into something quite spectacular - Elvie, Cieran, John and Alastair (not forgetting Andrea, Mark and Chris who couldn't be present). The whole company consists of real visionaries. If I were to work for a business again they would be first on my list. Their ethos of inclusion is truly heartwarming and inspiring. Anyway, having shot the video which will be tightly edited to give a proper sense of the evening I can honestly say the whole affair was truly superb and people totally loved it (being carried away with the energy meant that I forgot to shoot the exterior of the building - hey but that's life on the wing). There was a real excitement and energy to the whole thing. People squealed with delight when opening their cases - it was like a huge manic Christmas. Someone found a man-size Superman outfit - how could Superman lose his clothing...

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