Monday, January 10, 2011

There's no need to feel down

Remember the Ukulele stroller, David Francis, embarking on his year long Sunday afternoon odyssey down Bottle Alley (previous post: Sunday 31st October 2010) in aid of the pier and all things beautiful?  From time to time I've made it down there too and very haphazardly played a kazoo, rattled my thunder maker, lit myself up and even squawked a bit (if anyone's heard me sing they'll know instantly what that means).   Gradually I've caught the bug.  

Just recovering from flu is rather appropriate here because today was to be the first venture into the Ukulele Sunday School, feeling a bit wan I sent a message to David telling him I wouldn't be attending - the reply: 'Do you have a doctor's note?'  Well, no.  No note.  No doctor seen.  What to do?  Being of Irish stock, the only possible thing to do was: Wrap up, gather together myself and the lovely new uke and drive to the stroll ready for the class. 

I'm really glad that there was no note.  Because I've learned quite a few since.  Met a large number of thoroughly excellent people of all levels of ability, all very generous and patient and extremely enthusiastic about the ukulele. 

Although David was only teasing about the doctor's note (I think) he did me a big favour. 

Now I can play:

(C) Young man, there's no need to feel down
I said (Am) young man, pick yourself off the ground
I said (Dm) young man, 'cause you're in a new town
There's no (G) need to be unhappy.....

Singing it is a whole other story.