Friday, October 9, 2009

After putting up a heavy bed post

And then removing half of it to reduce the weight, I was well worn out and needed a rest.

That's the problem with heaviness it drags you down.   Maybe that's why I love colour and always have - even when I once tried not to.   Although there was also a brief period when I tried to make images full of colour and light and they just kept coming out brooding, dense and dark (see the dust post for an example), probably as a result of an interest in chiaroscuro given to me by my tutor of the time.

I do seem to spend a lot of my time extolling the virtues of colour theory but there are many deaf ears out there.  Rather than just considering the usual factors in photography e.g. of composition, tone, sharpness, grain, form, content and context, what about also being aware of colour and how colours affect each other?  Itten wrote "Colour is life, for a world without colours appears to us as dead" I agree with that - look at my black and white (or grey) work in the previous but one post.   Seek out 'Homage to the Square', Josef Albers' work, it really is fascinating - he found it so much so that he pursued it for over 25 years.

Below is an image that hovers somewhere between all that I've described above.

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