Sunday, October 11, 2009

I suppose I could now be in trouble

because it's a mad old world we are living in.  It seems we are emulating Big Ben's pendulum.   We've swung from the sublime to the ridiculous.  Yes, well I know the good old days weren't so sublime but I am sure you get the point. 

Where once we could gaily and innocently go about our day taking pictures (perhaps that gives us a clue - the taking part) with our Box Brownies now we have to be jolly careful i) of what we take ii) asking permission iii) health and safety iv) politics or correctness, which is it? v) and I'm sorry to do this but blah blah blah.  It's amazing that any art gets made anymore.   Hence, I suppose, the vogue for cropping in so tight that the person can no longer be identified.   I know, having done it myself.  It saves a lot of paperwork.

The only paperwork Art was really ever interested in was the stuff you could use productively in your process whatever that was, even if it was purely for papier mache purposes.

And so I've made a fatal error, introducing a found photograph without the author or subject's permission.  I've stolen an image (what a thought).  Although I think the matter is somewhat cloudy since the image came from a person who shares my name.  And I credit it now as being an image (borrowed without asking - but with my apologies) from Lucinda Wells (how weird) taken by Anon.  Could it be argued that Lucinda Wells had used my name without my permission - which takes precedence, the image or the text?  Here we are back to my beloved circles.

Found photography is truly an interesting subject and worthy of more than just two words in one post.  

I propose that the pendulum swing directly into the middle.   Meantime here is another stolen photograph.   Bring back Lido's.

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