Saturday, October 10, 2009

Going back to finding myself

I once received a Facebook invite from Lucinda Wells which I found thoroughly creepy so never pursued.  Now, typically, my interest in the mystery of all those people with the same name has been piqued and I wish I had followed it up.   This is not an invitation to anyone out there to begin a new project but if you do just remember I thought of it first (although there is nothing new under the sun, as my Mum often says).

What I didn't mention in the previous name blog was so disconcerting that it needed some consideration before posting.   I've been trying and failing to remember the name of the artist who made work about doppelgangers, was it Diane Arbus,  Christian Boltanski, Thomas Ruff, Francesca Woodman, Wendy McMurdo ...?   While looking for myself I stumbled upon an image of a woman with the same name - now it's true the mirror is a terrible liar and our perception of how we look is very different from how others see us.  We even seem to have fixed in our brains ourselves at an earlier age, so do we ever see ourselves as how we actually look today?  I have no idea (except that the mirror always flips us - isn't that a weird notion).  Often we are shocked when presented with a current photograph of ourselves, partly because we have been flipped twice in the process (another in my list of 'to do' projects) and partly because it's not how we think we look.  Bearing all that in mind as far as I am concerned this picture of another woman looks very like me, same name, lookalike, crikey she's even got the same hairdo.

See what you think.


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