Sunday, October 4, 2009

How can it be so difficult


to think about just one thing?  Is it the preserve of the enlightened ones among us?  Those careful thinkers who practice mindfulness, which is the opposite of what you might think it is - it is not having your mind so much full as having it empty or at least concentrating only and fully, hence mindful, on whatever task you are in the midst of.   Refer to Thich Nhat Hanh, I have.  Obviously it takes some practice - a lot of it.  Instead of being mindful of Reduction, particularly in photography as intended, my mind is darting in seemingly random directions and I usually find this to be the case unless I am absorbed in making images: my mind is full but most definitely not mindful.

To be mindful slows you down - it stands to reason - if you are concentrating completely on what you are doing it is darn difficult to do it quickly unless of course you are an Olympian or being chased by a shark.

Then I think it would be easy to concentrate on one thing.

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