Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Real Brief Encounters

Strangely, in another conversation, the same friend (prior post) also reminded me of that beautiful tragic frustrating moving 1940's film 'Brief Encounter'.  What a long and winding road we humans have since traversed.

And what planet have I been on in the intervening period?

It was rather eye-brow lifting at the weekend when I spotted a slot machine, in the ladies room, for Edible Panties.  What can they be made of?  Candy-floss?  Knitted liquorice strings?  Are they vegetarian?  Vegan?  Full of E numbers?  Preservatives?  Are they fresh?  Have the makers made them with environmental issues in mind - don't wash your undies, eat them instead?  Is it another flabless diet, a kind of cherry-filled knickerblocker glory picked up in the pub?  Do they fit or are they loose?  Are they meant to be loose?  What happens to the elastic?  My sister's dog once ate a cassette tape (my sister didn't find out until a bit later) but I guess when he started his only choice was to continue, I imagine that would be similar to eating your own pants.  Is it something that is eaten in private?  Or would you eat them in a cafe for example?  When the service is slow, as it sometimes is.  What's the recommendation - should you eat them before or after wearing?  My preference is for before.  But what then would be the point?  Perhaps I've misunderstood entirely and they are merely a take on jelly snakes.

Next time I'm out I will get some and report back.

On another, but related, note I just managed to get my camera out and photograph this as it raced about the sky.

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