Friday, October 16, 2009

Constance Spry

Where I grew up meant regularly passing the Hoover Building (not J Edgar), the one that lies on the A40 and the last time I passed was occupied by Tesco.   

In the summer I was lucky enough to be given a mantle vase designed by Constance Spry - it is really rather lovely - and I've since discovered they are highly collectible and very expensive.    My sister has a good eye and understanding for these things and knowing my passion for anything Art Deco or of that period very generously gave it to me, it wasn't even my birthday!

Due to having an inquiring mind I sourced a beautiful interior shot of a vast collection of these vases - it truly was stunning and reminded of Andreas Gursky's shoes.   Sadly I lost the source of the interior shot and since I don't yet receive all of the paypackets of Lucinda Wells and therefore can't afford my own Spry collection, my new kaleidoscope had to be used to help me recreate what I saw and coveted.

In a way it's better because the thought of dusting all those vases is just too much and some of them were placed at a very great height only to be accessed by a ladder.

I find Andreas Gursky's work very interesting, especially as he was taught by the Bechers whose water-towers are fascinating.  If you were as interested in them and happened to be in Calais at the very moment as me we might bump into one another while eagerly looking for them.   Wouldn't that be serendipitous.

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