Friday, October 2, 2009

I used to be able to find myself

On google (admittedly it's a strange thing to do - google yourself - however it's become an international pastime).   Now it seems I'm buried there somewhere among the living and dead with the same name as me.  Do I have multiple other self's?   Is that something to do with string theory?  Past lives?   Reincarnation?  Someone of my name has lost their brown school jumper around about the 11th August, if you find it please return it - we are nearing Autumn and it will be needed.   The 1800's was a popular century for Lucinda Wells who were frequently born then and sadly died not long after.  They married often, so we have more in common than just our name.  Name sharers of Lucinda Wells work in all manner of professions, it would be odd to job and name share.  I wish my pay-packet contained all the earnings of Lucinda Wells.   It really is rather mind-boggling.

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