Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Going South

Glenny's illustration appeared in Vogue in the 1930's accompanying an article by Mrs John Buchan.  Those days where women were frequently known by their husband's name hung around for a long time, still existing even in the early 80's the first time I got married.   Their demise was well and truly finalized once we were no longer considered to be chattel by the tax man (or woman) and as a consequence were taxed independently.   But that's not the subject for today and it all seems a long time ago. 

Since brutal circumstances forced me to virtually ditch my car a few years ago - other forms of travel are necessary.  One is the bicycle.  Today I promised myself that I would begin to edit the footage that Sue had copiously taken, but I've been distracted again.  It is at least on the same subject.

Living on the flat makes cycling a rather easy and excellent thing to do (especially if it's not too windy).  I was intrigued by an ad for a saddle circa 1900:

Constra?  Constrain?  The ad says that it's perfect for both sexes, injury is impossible, it is ornamental and smart. As well as being adjustable to the size of rider.  I wonder what medical condition made people give up and then begin again due to this particular saddle, what was accommodated in its gaps?  Where has the thing gone?  Why isn't it still made, given its claims?  Did it adjust itself while being sat on?  And cause injury?  To what?

Meanwhile on the opposite page, if the saddle didn't work :

And Frith would come along and photograph you either on the bike or in the bath-chair, failing that provide you with a beautifully framed image of somewhere else in the world to take your mind off your ailment, they must have been one of the first stock photo agencies.  Turn over the page and there is the much needed cycling route from London Bridge.

It makes the effort of walking pale into insignificance.

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