Monday, November 23, 2009

Blown away

Did you know that a Fan fan club exists?  It does.  Fan's of fans have got together.  Who would join such a thing?  Yes I know, fan holders.  Of museum pieces and especially the HMV fan heater which caused me some confusion when remembering what HMV stood for.  My HMV is another thing that doesn't work, although my Belling bed warmer does so my feet are always warm as toast.

Here is another 'borrowed' photograph - it is of the HMV variety - isn't it gorgeous, must be the 'big boy' of fan heaters and someone clearly loves it - mine is the more usual bakelite kind.  I can't decide which is preferable, sparkling chrome - or cream and brown plastic.

I've been pondering the notion of the photograph (this is a regular occurrence that never results in a fixed position).  Between the poles of document and idea.  It's multiple uses and functions, the real and the fake and the fake-real or real-fake.   I wonder how many photographs have been taken since its beginning?  How many have been destroyed?  How many have changed lives for the better or worse?   It's rather sad as well as humbling when you find an album full of portraits/snapshots for sale in a junk shop - it was important enough once to be bound until time devoured it's meaning. 

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