Wednesday, December 9, 2009

They weren't Edible Panties at all

I spend my life being conned by what I thought I saw and being reminded what a poor thing memory can be.

Getting back to the place where edible panties were spotted, I was horrified to find that they weren't panties at all but PANTS.  As in: mens. 

Clearly I'm still very naive (stupid) because on first seeing the machine I imagined them to be something a woman might wear (if she'd had a skinful).  No.  They appear to be boxer shorts, I definitely didn't buy them - the whole thing seems much worse if you have to eat another person's pants.  In fact every item, with the possible exception of one, was for man.  It's terribly odd.  Does the men's loo sell equivalent stuff for ladies, spare hands for example - I shall investigate next time.  

There were two teenage girls (were they as old as 15?) peering at the items on offer, I would guess the machine inadvertently and dubiously has some kind of severely limited role in sex eduction.  They lost interest pretty quickly and used the top of the machine to balance their camera phone while they climbed up onto the basins to pose for self-timer self-portraits - so the machine has yet another use.  The images of them in the sink were probably whizzing around the airwaves before I got home.

What with discovering the purpose of the pants and the weather being foul it was a fairly dismal weekend.   To avoid boredom it seemed preferable to stay in and devise different ways of looking out.


But the sky turned black and the moon came out which signalled my need to return north to work.