Saturday, December 26, 2009


Every time someone visits my flat I get them to knit a row and I note down their name, it passes the time.   The list is getting rather long.  Even the gas man and plumber contribute.   I regularly get people to quote for some work so that the knitting is done and it's even better when they come in pairs.  It started with just a scarf: knit one, pearl one but the rows got into a bit of a jumble with all these different people's differing ability.   The knitting got too knotted, the scarf unwearable.  

Mum loaned me her knitted nativity so that I could photograph it for the annual Christmas card and it got me to thinking.

I needed to get serious and get people to work to a pattern, patterns of people.  Creating a knitted people world, like a 3D Henry Darger. Everyone adds to my knitting and it's quickly becoming extensive.  Sometimes people surprise me, returning on the same day to knit some more under the guise of having left something behind. 

Visitors are now beginning to knit the surroundings for these creations:

Trees are next on the list, followed by the ocean and I need a sun to be done, the electrician might be best for that one.