Saturday, July 14, 2012


Sea Piano Fret from Lucinda Wells on Vimeo.

I'm making new work, lots of it as it happens, as it happens.   Been rather hectic here by the sea for months on end, time's been flying and an uncountable number of waves have crashed into or gently nudged the shore during this period.  Rather than me having to learn how to get around the problem of bandwidth for website video streaming the problem has dissolved as clever web developers now give me a nice little piece of code to use instead.  I find this more often than not, this leaving a problem unattended for long enough that a solution appears, although don't take that as a piece of advice - if you have a problem that needs sorting out "use your loaf" as my Mum would say and get it checked out before deciding whether to leave it.  

This video is a collaboration with my dear Mum, she who plays piano by ear (and her fingers).  It has since evolved into something else which will be accessed soon via QR code to be found where else but the seafront.   And that too has evolved into another thing else, both the QR code piece and this most recent one can be seen as part of Telling Stories: Hastings...

Telling Stories: Hastings

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