Friday, May 13, 2011

Change, change, exciting, scary, daunting, energising, exciting change

So, I guess you won't be wanting your usual then?

Life goes in cycles and that's the truth (in my experience it is approximately every 7 years).   Then there's the push and pull of things that adds to the mix.

I probably won't quote anyone tonight.

Sadly, what can't be seen clearly in this image because I was laughing too much when I took it, is the writing on the label that says 'Air bag missing'  - well I don't know about you... yes, there are airbags in my car, but in my bra?  It's an interesting thought.  Or an interesting fact.  What if it suddenly inflates?   Then explodes?  Some massive surgical procedure no doubt to remove the implant that has fractured multi-dimensionally all over the shoppers in Waitrose.  Or worse still, implodes: what then?  Something resembling bullet holes the size of two small pizzas.  All for the sake of a pert uplifted breast.  Girls, girls:  Do not buy these goods, they are flawed with terrible possible outcomes.

Changing the subject entirely (really?) and going back to the original impetus for this post: the idea of change.

Why not accept graciously who and what you are and where you 'fail' and where you are 'good', why not?  Collectively we promote fail and good with people, this notion has age groups ranging from about 3 all the way to whenever, if ever people give up the problem of judgment from other people.  Being human I too struggle with this and the effect is continually trying to match up to other people's ideas, that really sucks.  Because isn't it true that everyone else is just as awkward and clumsy and finding their way as we are?

So a real bit of twaddle tonight, my life is changing - I'm embarking on a new and unknown path - I won't be using airbags.

It will all work out alright.

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