Saturday, November 20, 2010

Looking and trying out

I recently had the privilege to join in.  Not done that in a while.  Hermitville is where I've been living.  It's a strange life choice, the hermit one.  Little chance of getting feedback when you refuse to come out of your cave.  Muttering away there inside that empty place (apart from me) the only feedback your own echo which by its nature comes back as more muttering, only louder.  Quite a crescendo it can build up to, but fairly useless and ultimately rather boring.


From this new place of placing a foot (perhaps even two) in the outside world I have met some really lovely, generous and interesting people and begun the process of showing work again.   It is gratifying and promotes more thinking, as if I didn't already know that.   The art of forgetting is something that comes easily.  Remembering takes effort.

The roll call interested in photographic interventions who permitted me in are Mary Morris, Sue Barnes, Lucy Phillips, Steve Rutter and Mel Brewer.

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