Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's tempting at times to lie down

Lying down.  

Lying down can be a relaxing and strangely energising thing to do.   I happened to be lying on the beach in Bexhill because someone asked me to - as part of a simple yet terrific response to Antony Gormley's work Critical Mass at the De La Warr Pavilion by a group of artists working under the name of Runway.  Entitled Critical Mess.  Lying there and watching the sea at an odd angle was a new experience.  It is something that I will continue to do (lie down) and photograph, see previous image/post.  

We now have a critical mess of our own here in Hastings.  The Pier has burned down.  This view observed by the man in the collapsible chair, the couple embracing and the photographer with his tripod, taken just a few weeks ago no longer exists and I am so saddened by that. 

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GeePig said...

Where you peer there is no pier
A single tier now brings your tear