Monday, July 19, 2010

Working hard

I am working hard. It can be hard to work hard. Sometimes though the result comes easy - it all seems to fall into place without too much angst. The days, weeks, months or years of thinking that preceded it coalesce simply into something concrete. That feels good. At the moment it is all feeling mostly good (only a little angst) and is yet still a bit scary. I've made the video (but should I make the other one that is on my mind? not tonight - maybe begin it tomorrow). In total I've got two other parts that might go with it. Not sure about either at this stage. Only a few days to go so I had better make up my mind (each of them will be more about sound than image - the sounds I have recorded).

Overall, it has to do with music and memory, London (my/our roots) and family. Ancestors and history. Water too: the sea and rivers have memory, always trying to get back to their original path (roots) if diverted. These things I have explored and thought about for many years now. And yet the present wants to be uppermost. So the present is there.

Sometimes it would be easier to think about nail varnish.

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