Thursday, April 22, 2010

It will soon be payday

I may yet get that pink guitar.  Or a handyman to mend my windows, create a hatch for my loft, squirt nasty stuff into the woodworm bored holes and build me some monster shelves.

My garden I have finally tackled although it took some doing.   It's like a mini rainforest.   I had to wear gloves, skinny jeans tucked into thick socks, a jacket zipped to the top, a beanie pulled right down over my hair and glasses for long range warning - late last summer the garden was full of albino spiders, they didn't need to hold up any huge signs with 'prohibited' emblazoned across - it was clearly a no-go area.  Now though it looks lovely, not the least bit threatening and soon there will be a bank of bluebells* blossoming.  There is something that tries to grow that reminds me of a triffid so I stamp on it whenever I see it - it is tall and thin and dark red - yuk.  I've got two small raised beds that have who knows what growing in them, they are going to be attacked and used for something recognizable, possibly edible, in the near future, before the albinos colonize them - there are plenty of rocks elsewhere for them to hide under.   At the back, behind the bluebells*, there is a very steep incline - part of the cliff-face - with tall trees, one has a long, long stringy bit hanging all the way down to the ground and I expect Tarzan to come swinging and yodelling through on it any minute.   It's all rather mystifying.  *As indeed is the plant that isn't a bluebell at all.  After all that - it WAS a bluebell, or lots of them - mixed in with Comfrey, so now I know and next year can look back at this and be reminded.