Thursday, January 14, 2010

Waving about

It is always so easy to be distracted by minutiae instead of getting on with the long list of more important things that require attention.  As each day passes the more important things become more urgent, another day closer to the absolute deadline and yet they still haven't been addressed.  All the while that small insignificant stuff keeps itself at the top of the list.  Why is that?

Last night I was lying in bed waiting for sleep.  A habit I had as a child was to hold one arm straight up in the air and wave it in a small circular motion.  Back to last night, I was a bit surprised to catch myself doing it again.  It reminded me of Foxy, not the Foxy of Merrie Melodies but Wolfie (his girlfriend's mother erroneously called him Foxy) from Citizen Smith (John Sullivan) played by Robert Lindsay.  But of course I had remembered incorrectly and although it was Robert Lindsay, it was as 'Michael Murray' in GBH (Alan Bleasdale) that he had the arm tic.  

Lying there with my arm in the air I noticed it looked rather thin - emaciated even - odd indeed since normally I am more concerned with the bingo wings that appeared overnight when I reached 40.  The lack of alcohol has definitely impacted on my weight and my face looks thinner in the mirror, however the amount of chocolate being consumed must surely be reversing the effect.   It must be an optical illusion (the thin arm) or as a result of gravity, the fat slipped down to rest on my shoulder perhaps?  Sleepy as I was it didn't occur to me to compare it with the other arm - maybe I will later, for now it's far too cold to reveal any unnecessary skin.