Thursday, August 23, 2012

The undeniable

Remember the post: 'the imponderable' 21/5/2010 - consisting of merely this...


A photograph of some sky blue doors.  Closed off to me.  By me?  Not wishing to contemplate what lay beyond them, paralysed by the outer potentially reflecting the inner. The lack of handles adding to the mystery (or horror) of what they shut in or out.  The only suggested access via what might be a key-hole or worse still, lots of them on their surface.  The green foliage on the outside suggesting that the outside was by far the better place to be.

Is it always to be the case that things are often not what they seem?  And if so, how much do we miss through our avoidance of really looking.  Had I allowed my inate curiousity to look a little bit closer or more accurately, more openly then I would have seen earlier what I now have seen.  It's not that it wasn't that bad, it's more that it was so incredibly good.

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